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Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

No need to bear the burden of unwanted Tattoo anymore!! Tattoos are in vogue these days. But sometimes they do not turn out well or need to be removed for medical reasons. You do not need to worry. Our highly trained professionals at Skin Care World will provide Tattoo removal services by means of Q switched NdYAG laser technique which has been proven to be effective, painless, and less time taking procedure.

We understand your skin type and analyze the tattoos in detail making note of its colour type, depth of inoculation, duration and color intensity. The treatment protocol is planned accordingly. We understand the requirements and skin type and accordingly wipe out the tattoo ink without causing any pain and complication.

No need to bear the burden of patches and scar marks after tattoo removal treatment !!

Skin Care World uses the high technology laser equipment Q-Switched Nd YAG laser which leaves no or less visible scars. Our skilled professionals remove the tattoo ink effectively without damaging the skin. Four to six sessions are required depending upon the characteristics of the tattoo.

laser tattoo removal treatment

How Laser Works to Remove the Tattoo?

A laser light is thrown on the tattoo which breaks the ink into tiny fragments. Later, these tiny fragments are recognized by the body’s immune system and then wiped out.

The cost of the tattoo removal treatment will depend on the size, color, duration of the tattoo. Laser Tattoo removal is one of the minimal invasive technique which causes no pain, although it may lead to some discomfort during the treatment session and this can be taken care of by applying topical anesthetic cream prior to the procedure. One session may not be effective so better to avail multiple session to have complete disappearance of the tattoo. People should not worry about the laser technique for tattoo removal as it is completely safe.

Laser Treatment through Experienced Dermatologist:

Always consult with the dermatologist prior to taking the tattoo removal treatment. Your dermatologist will elaborate you the pre & post laser procedure care. Dermatologist will analyze the tattoo and consider following points before taking you for the procedure:-

  • The various colors the Tattoo is made of
  • Duration of Tattoo
  • Depth of the tattoo ink into skin
  • Site of Tattoo
  • Any Medical Illness
  • Presence of any scarring

Although there is no risk of laser Tattoo removal treatment, still some uncommon mild problems that one can come across include:

  • Minimal risk of infection at the treated site
  • Minimal risk of permanent scarring ( in rare cases)
  • Colour changes on the treated skin

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