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What is Carbon Peel?

Carbon Peel Treatment in Gurgaon

Carbon peel (also known famously as Bollywood peel) is a gentle skin treatment which works on both the superficial as well as the deep skin layers.

In this a carbon lotion is applied to the skin and allowed to set in the skin and into the pores. Then the skin is treated with 1064 nm wavelength Nd YAG laser.

This laser breaks up the carbon into fine particles and then absorbs them, by destroying the carbon and removing the dead skin cells, oils and impurities that were bound to the superficial layer of skin. Also the laser reaches the dermis, creating controlled gentle thermal stimulation and thereby initiating the healing process to start. This causes collagen, elastin and fibroblast production and remodelling to rejuvenate the skin and target fine lines and wrinkles. The heat created also induces remodelling and contraction of the pores, making it an ideal treatment for those with enlarged pores. When targeted at acne, this high energy treatment goes straight to the acne’s membrane and destroys it, reducing acne and its related inflammation.

The entire treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, and the effects are noticeable straight away. You’ll see an instant brightening of your skin, which will also feel smoother and softer than ever before. Your skin will be left plumper, firmer and soft to the touch. You’ll also notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles straight away, and a much more even skin tone.

Any Side Effects ?

Carbon Peel is a completely safe skin treatment. Post-treatment, you may notice slight redness, and experience some tingling, but this will subside immediately post-treatment. No downtime is required, and you will be able to resume daily activities straight away.

Number of Sessions Needed ?

Usually, we recommend a course of 2-6 treatments, to take place every 2-3 weeks for the best and beautiful, long-lasting results.

So if you are one looking for a gentle treatment that could work wonders for your skin and make your skin considerably brighter, and smoother in tone and texture, then avail Carbon peel treatment under the guidance of a Dermatologist.

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