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Acne Scar Treatment

acne scar treatment in Gurgaon

Acne is an extremely common problem of teenage and in some it persists in later ages also. Acne spots come and go; but in some people they tend to leave a mark (scar) which persists and simply does not clear up from the skin. They are the result of altered healing response of the patient’s skin when the acne lesion clears. During healing of acne, aberrant degradation or production of collagen in skin results in formation of various types of acne scars.

Acne scars need to be treated in order to improve one’s appearance and enhance the self esteem. With the advances in science, we can now treat acne scars effectively.

Acne scars are of different types and severity depending upon their appearance and number.

  • Macular scars- these scars are visible because of their color. They are either red or pigmented but skin surface is smooth or just slightly depressed.
  • Superficial scars- they are rolling scars or superficial box car scars. They respond to treatment very well.
  • Deep scars- they are ice pick scars, deep box car scars and deep irregular scars or deep linear troughs.
  • Papular scars – they are raised scars visible as tiny bumps generally over chin and nose area.

Following are the different scar removal treatments and our experts based on your scar type and severity will suggest you what would be the best for you:

  • Chemical peels: Chemical peels are quite effective for red and dark brown post acne marks and shallow acne scars. Procedure takes 15-20 minutes and can be repeated every 10 days.
  • Microneedling:A Dermapen or a roller studded with multiple thin needles is passed across the scarred area. This controlled trauma of the skin leads to deposition of fresh collagen in skin and leads to smoothening of the scars. There is mild redness for 2-3 days and procedure is repeated at 3 weeks interval.
  • Retinoic acid:Retinoic acid cream applied directly to very superficial scars can help in lessening its appearance.
  • MNRF: Microneedling Radiofrequency (MNRF) is a machine based treatment. It works very well in lifting the deep scars as it helps in building up collgen from deep to superficial layers of the skin. There is minimal downtime and the redness is not visible after 2-3 hours. The sittings are done at an interval of 4-6 weeks.
  • Lasers: CO2 laser treatment is the gold standard treatment for acne scars. It works and gives good results even for very severe and extensive scars. Laser light causes controlled trauma in the deeper layers of the skin and stimulates new collagen production at the base of the scars which leads to its smoothening. After the procedure, there is redness and swelling which clears in 4 to 7 days, hence strict protection from sun is required in post procedure recovery period. Sittings are done at an interval of 4-6 weeks.
  • Micro-dermabrasion: This is a less intensive type of dermabrasion in which dermatologist use a spray of small crystals instead of a high-speed brush to eliminate surface skin irregularities. Its good for very superficial scars and pigmented scars. There is no downtime.
  • Acne Scar Surgery: Some minor surgical procedures can be done to take out the scars which are not likely to respond even with the Laser treatment.
  • Fillers: A substance such as hyaluronic acid, or fat can be used to "fill out" certain types of acne scars, especially those that have resulted in significant depressed appearance of the skin.
  • Dermabrasion: A high-speed brush or dermabrader is used to resurface skin and remove or minimize the depth of scars.

Treatment of acne scars is multimodality and generally needs multiple sessions. With every treatment session there is improvement in the appearance of the scars. Dermatologists would make the best cocktail out of these treatment options which would clear your scars effectively without much discomfort and complications. Downtime is different for different therapies.

So no need to live with acne or acne scars either. Seek help of a dermatologist to take care of your problems related to acne and acne scars. Avail the best and safe Acne Scar Treatment at Skin Care world Clinic, Gurugram.

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