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What is Grofactor Therapy?

Grofactor Therapy in Gurgaon

Growth Factors are natural proteins capable of stimulating cellular growth, proliferation and differentiation. They are produced by skin cells and help in maintaining the hair growth and skin smoothness, texture and appearance. They are abundant in young skin but decline with age. Grofactor solution imported from Benev, USA is used for Grofactor Therapy. Grofactor is a concentrated solution of growth factors. It is a standardized formulation which is backed by clinical studies.

Technique: Grofactor solution is topically applied over scalp along with Microneedling. Procedure is done under topical anaesthesia and is absolutely painless.

Sittings : It can be done at 2 weekly intervals and total of 6-10 sittings are being done.

Safety: It is absolutely safe procedure with no discomfort during or post procedure. There are no allergic reactions and no inflammation.

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