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Post Injury/Surgical/Burn Scar Treatment

Post Injury/Surgical/Burn Scar Treatment

Scarring is a common complication after a significant soft tissue injury caused by physical trauma, burn or post surgery or chemical burn. Most of the scars are asymptomatic and are not liked because of their appearance. Some scars can be itchy and or painful or tender as well. Broadly speaking scars are either atrophic or hypertrophic and, sometimes mixed type is also seen.

If you are looking forward to scar treatment then we have many treatment options for you. Our Doctor would analyse your scar in detail on the basis of its size, colour, number, site, elevation and textural change. Based on this evaluation right treatment plan will be suggested to you. Sometimes a combination of different techniques and technologies may be required. Be assured for aesthetically wonderful results

Laser treatment - We have CO2 laser which does excellent skin resurfacing and improves scars.

MNRF- This RF modality is particularly helpful in lifting up the depressed scars and smoothening the surface.

Microneedling- It’s a simple technique good for minor scar smoothening by per cutaneous collagen induction.

PRP- For very bad scars PRP is combined with other treatments to enhance the results

Chemical Peels- Pigmented scars and very superficial scars can be improved with the chemical peels.

Scar Revision surgery- Some scars not suitable for other techniques can be improved with Scar Revision Surgeries.

Intralesional Injections for Keloids- Keloids and Hypertrophic scars can be smoothened with Intra-lesional steroid injections. These injections have only local effects.

Scar gels- Many scar creams and gels containing agents like Allantoin, Extractum Cepae, Heparin sodium, Silicon, and Vitamin C and E are available which can provide little improvement in the scar in terms of its texture, softness, and appearance.

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Burn Scar Treatment
Burn Scar Treatment