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Itchy Flaky Scalp Treatment in Gurgaon

Itchy Flaky Scalp Treatment in Gurgaon

Chronic itchy flaky scalp is a very common skin condition. It results from simple dandruff and less commonly from Seborrheic Dermatitis, psoriasis or contact dermatitis.

Dandruff signs and symptoms may include:

  • Skin flakes on your scalp
  • In severe cases eyebrows, beard, mustache, chest and back get affected
  • There may be slight redness in the skin
  • Mild itching can occur

It is not contagious and neither it is serious.

The signs and symptoms may worsen with stress, inadequate sleep, following illness and in cold dry seasons.

Following general measures can help you keep it under control-

  • Regular Shampoo and cleansing of scalp
  • Hair oiling 2-4 hours before shampoo
  • Maintain Good hydration
  • Limit hair cosmetics and hair styling products
  • Exercise regularly to keep stress at bay
  • Use OTC anti dandruff shampoo

Consult our Expert Dermatologist at Skin Care World Clinic, Gurugram in case these general measures are not able to give you enough relief from your problem.

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