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MesoBotox Treatment in Gurgaon

MesoBotox Treatment in Gurgaon

Mesobotox is a procedure in which minute or diluted doses of the botox is injected into facial skin in the form of multiple superficial micro doses causing sweat glands and sebaceous glands to decrease in size and thereby giving a smoother and clearer skin without actually looking plastic. This technique is particularly great for those who want a completely “NATURAL” sort of appearance, devoid of stubborn facial lines, smooth texture to the skin and reduce open pores.

Numbing cream is applied before the procedure. Treatment takes around 20-30 minutes. There is little redness and swelling after the procedure and this subsides in few hours. The effect starts becoming visible in few days. Do not go for face massage or any other treatment on face for at least 2 weeks.

Meso botox procedure helps in tightening the skin pores, and getting a glowing skin.

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