Fungal Infection Treatment in Gurgaon


Fungal Infection Treatment in Gurgaon

Incidence of Fungal skin infections is taking an epidemic form in our country. What is a fungus? Fungus (plural; fungi) is basically a primitive organism which lives in the air, soil, water and or on plants. Some fungi are useful, whereas others may be harmful.

Fungal infections happen when harmful fungi invade the skin surface and starts growing there. Fungal infections are especially difficult to handle as they mainly affect the dead skin layer and evade the immune system making it difficult to kill them.

types of fungal infection

Who is at Risk?

In humans, fungal infections are quite common and recurrent but are usually not very serious if treated on time. Though skin fungal infections can occur in any individual but some people are particularly prone like-

  • People with weak immune system (children, older adults, AIDS or HIV infected people, cancer or diabetic patients)
  • Genetic susceptibility
  • People with high perspiration
  • Contacting a fungal infected Person
  • Walking barefoot in wet areas, since fungi grow in moisture
  • Obese people, as they have excessive skin folds.

Cause & Types of Fungal Infection

Skin Fungal Infections happen commonly due to Yeasts or dermatophytes, which come from contact with infected soil or water or from another infected person or spores in the air.

The different types of common fungal infection are:-

  • jock itch (tinea cruris)
  • ringworms (tinea corporis)
  • athlete's foot (tinea pedis)
  • yeast infection- intertrigo, oral thrush
  • toenails fungal infection(onychomycosis) tinea versicolor


1. Athlete's foot

  • Peeling & cracking of feet
  • Redness or blisters
  • Softening & breaking down of skin
  • Itching or burning of skin

2. Ringworms

  • Itchy red colored ring shaped patches

    3. Yeast infection

    • Itching, swelling and soreness in and around vagina
    • Burning sensation during urination
    • Unusual vagina discharge
    • Whitish plaque in oral cavity
    • Redness, maceration and itching in folds

    4. Toenail infection

    • Whitish discoloration of nail plate
    • Thick and friable nails

    Usually Medicinal treatments are given in the form of Lotions, ointments or oral medicine. Get the proven Fungal Infection Treatment in Gurgaon at Skin Care World.

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