The Right Approach to Split Ear Lobe Repair!

Since time, immemorial ear piercing is a well established cultural practice in our country and also worldwide. Several complications can occur following ear piercing, one of them being split or torn ear lobes. The repair of tears or elongated slits is a common cosmetic surgical procedure performed by the dermatologists.

Who is at risk of developing this problem?

Females fond of wearing heavy earrings, especially for prolonged periods usually develop the problem of slit elongation or cleft formation. Besides, those with relatively smaller and thinner ear lobule and those with an original hole placed too low are also at greater risk. Rarely slit ear lobes result from sudden severe pulling up of the earrings.

What are the different surgical techniques for Ear Lobe Repair?

There are multiple techniques described for the repair of elongated or completely torn earlobe tracts like

How to choose among different techniques?

The technique suitable for the patient is decided by the dermatologist after examining the ear lobule and following conditions

How long does the surgery take and does it hurt?

Surgery generally takes 20-40 minutes for one ear and it also depends upon the technique. It is performed under local infiltration anaesthesia or nerve block, and it does not hurt once the effect of anaesthesia is in place. Earlobe Repair in Gurgaon at Skin Care World can help to correct the split or torn earlobe and also to improve the appearance of the earlobes.

When can I get the ear piercing done again?

If the original ear lobule hole has been closed during repair and a new hole needs to be made, then preferably it should be done after 6-8 weeks of the repair.

How can I prevent the recurrence of the same problem?

One must avoid wearing heavy jewellery, and in case you want to wear then limit the time for which it is being worn. Also, protect your earrings from sudden severe traction.

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